Turn-Key Business Solutions


Often companies are simply too close to their operations to see or recognize the areas needing improvement. If you live in the woods or on a rural road with two houses, you might sell two cups of lemonade. If you move to a neighborhood with fifty houses, your quantities go up ten fold.

But, your competition increases, too.  And, you need to produce more product.

We will help you identify real opportunities and objectively evaluate your operations to ensure that you can execute on the plan. HEP-KEY provides what few other companies can: insight across the broad panorama of your business and industry.  Unlike other engagements that leave more unanswered questions, we help you execute true end-to-end plans.

An Approach Focused on the Bottom Line

Our goal is to help you execute for margin. We bring money to your bottom line and toss you the keys to success. We examine the competition, establish meaningful partnerships, and enhance your communications.

Some of  our Services Include:

  • Customer Relationship Management Guidance
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Team Development
  • Sales and Channel Planning
  • RFP Development and Evaluation
  • Business Process Management
  • Strategic Business Alliances
  • Distribution Analysis

“We put the right people at the heart of our services and execute on a cohesive plan. This is the key to our long term success.”


 When it comes to product and category development, the HEP-KEY team practices what it preaches; function, innovation, and value. We have the experience, processes, and production sources to create diversified product category execution. Our process starts from active listening and rapidly evolves from concepts to prototypes and then on to articles, with the utmost efficiency. We specialize in sourcing the right materials, licensed partners, and the manufacturer category leaders to meet all retail requirements and ongoing development needs.

“Let HEP-KEY bring that wide-eyed wonderment to your organization.”


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