Survey Says New Technology and Marketing Key to Business Growth

A majority of business leaders plan to use digital, social media, tablets and smartphones as marketing tools in the coming year to grow their business.

Business leaders are increasing their use of the Internet and social media platforms to connect with customers and grow their businesses, according to a recent survey by Citibank, of 749 business leaders.

A majority of the business leaders surveyed, (65 percent) cited increased marketing activities as a key step in growing their business. The survey also found that smartphones ranked as the best technology solution for businesses, with nearly half (48 percent) currently using smartphones.

While the large majority (70 percent) of business leaders used their company website as a marketing channel, (41 percent) said they have used social media channels, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, in the last year.  Sixty-two (62 percent) haven’t used email for marketing purposes.  A figure that remains the same from when Citibank first surveyed business leaders about social media and online marketing in 2010.

As business leaders are moving online, and relying more heavily on their company website, online channels represent an emerging opportunity to help grow their businesses.  In fact, many business leaders plan to use digital and social media tools in the coming year.

According to the survey, (60 percent) plan to increase activity on their website for marketing purposes, (40 percent) intend to use social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter for marketing and (38 percent) plan to leverage email marketing tactics to drive awareness and sales of products and services.

What does this all mean?

Slowly but surely, business leaders are starting to spent more time and money on their marketing and technology programs.  They are starting to understand, to increase their market share, awareness of their business and drive business growth, they need to implement cost effective and efficient technology and marketing tools.

So, what are you going to do this year to drive your business growth?

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by Dennis Sommer
CEO, Executive Business Advisers

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