Hep-Key’s Business Model is Simple

By John HepkeHep-Key LLC. 

I was at the supermarket with my kids. I wanted nothing more than to pick up the carefully scripted items my wife had put together on a pink, slightly crumpled piece of paper. I remember it was pink because my daughter expressed how beautiful the color was and how she could make it even prettier with my pen and a nice, flat surface. Little did I know, this sweet little girl and her cohort little brother had bigger and better ideas for this simple list.

Rolling through the aisles, being the engaging dad that I am, I implored the kids; you cross off the items as we get them. Selfishly thinking, they can work on reading and recognizing words and I can make quick work of this dreadful task after a long day. Little did I know, such a mundane, weekly task would not only turn into a learning experience shaping my future plans professionally, but realized trips like this have shaped business and business acumen for years. The old expression, “from the mouths of babes…” has never proven truer.
As I worked through the list, I noticed it was growing and as it was growing, my son, who wasn’t the “note keeper” would occasionally chime in, “Don’t forget the cookies, dad”! I’d glance at the list and sure enough, no cookies. “Son, no, we don’t need cookies.” His eyes as big as Oreos®, “why not?” My simple answer of “no” did not satisfy that young, inquisitive mind, and instantly I got a sales pitch on why cookies or Twinkies® or King Dongs® would really benefit the whole family if they were in the cupboard at home. With all the enthusiasm, energy, simple honesty, and pure desire, both kids gave the most passionate sales pitch on why these sweets were a must and a need for our household. Isn’t that SALES 101, find a need and a purchase order will follow. However, this passionate plea from two under the age of six didn’t use graphs, charts, or demos. In fact, they didn’t even need samples. Everything they needed was right there on the shelf in a bright, shiny, delicious package.

This scenario made me realize most of us started our first business and our sales pitch before we ever learned the art of selling. We understood location, location, and location. On a hot, summer day, the location was the end of the driveway, with a hand drawn sign, a table, some friends, a cold pitcher of lemonade, and cups. Kids can put on a big smile, waive, and any one driving, walking, or biking by would be hard-pressed to pass these kids without dropping a quarter for the glass of lemonade, but mostly for the smile. They learned simple, engaging conversation like, “Boy, it’s hot outside!” In an instant, a child can build a relationship with a sticky Styrofoam cup. Word of mouth and networking was born at the end of a driveway. As the men and women, home for lunch, laborers building homes go back to their jobs, they speak simply of the children selling lemonade and the others come by swiftly or look for those same kids at the end of the day.

It’s this simple, straightforward approach of children, which led me to develop Hep-Key. A company centered around asking simple questions, understanding the needs of clients and placing these people in the right place, with the right team, at the right time. My goal and the goal of my team is to put our valuable clients in the cookie aisle and let you look at the choices, the colors, the flavors, and decide what works for your product or service. At Hep-Key, we take that “cookie” package, tweak it, add ingredients, take away non-essentials, and make it exactly what you need and want so you can be the lemonade stand, making fast nickels or slow quarters; either way the choice is yours. Hep-Key’s business model is simple. We do the legwork for your lemonade stand. We work tirelessly to bring all the pieces together so you can experience success in your business. Simply put, you get the benefits of years of experience with some of the world’s best brands, the know-how of today’s technology, and a cost efficient, streamlined service that delivers the best value and ROI for your business.

It was only after my own personal experience in the grocery store that I could have an emotional turning point about the function and simplicity of business. Hep-Key came to life because I realized it doesn’t have to be a turning point for me alone, it can be a turning point for an entire organization. I hope you will let Hep-Key bring that wide-eyed wonderment to your organizations. Look at a child in the cookie aisle or operating a lemonade stand, they smile the way I want to smile. Perhaps it is time for your business to make that change too.

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