As each year passes, more and more shoppers are feeling more and more comfortable shopping and making purchases online. With this new influx of tech-savvy shoppers, online eCommerce solutions are slowly rising to the top of many businesses ‘must-have’ lists.

Through HEP-KEY eCommerce solutions, we can easily set up the best eCommerce website customized entirely for your company.

In no time at all, your customers will be shopping, buying and completing transactions with ease in only a few simple clicks.

And, from a cost perspective, eCommerce platforms are much cheaper compared to traditional commerce stores – allowing you to easily eliminate the middleperson and focus your earnings towards other aspects of your business.

Using your choice of customized eCommerce templates, HEP-KEY will build a unique online store for you. Then, we’ll train you to efficiently manage and update your site as well as provide you with the eCommerce website tools you’ll need to generate online sales including:

  • A variety of shopping cart options
  • SSL certificate, secure sockets layer (https) encryption (128-bit) and secure payment processing
  • Customizable order confirmation emails
  • Payment and shipping modules including credit card processing and other re-defined payment gateways such as®, paypal, worldpay and more.
  • Flexible shipping carriers, and live-shipping rates configuration using shipping modules (e.g. UPS, USPS, FedEx, Canada post etc.)
  • Product database structure
  • Shopper registration, shipping and account management
  • Order history for shoppers to view all their previous orders (and order details)
  • Easy-to-use quick-search functionality for products including ratings and testimonial capabilities
  • Product catalog features to  easily manage an unlimited number of products and categories
  • Easy-to-use administration features to update imagery, files, product attributes and classifications
  • Order management with order history, customer notification and order edit functionality
  • Basic reporting features, product tracking and revenue order status management

It’s important to talk with a HEP-KEY sales associate to discuss customized eCommerce solutions for you.


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