Building Brand Identity Is Essential

by Rick Rusch

Building a brand is not smoke and mirrors. And, it’s not a luxury. It is imperative. If marketing with integrity is at the core of your business, you can develop branding strategies that are customer focused built on your values. Which means building your brand can come directly from the activities of your business.

Branding Strategy #1 – Branding through top-notch customer service.  Running a business with integrity includes asking for customer feedback, efficiently handing customer complaints and truth in advertising, your brand’s essence is based on the promises made with the initial branding. Give potential customers your brand’s promise in the simplest terms possible then live up that promise – that is customer service!

Branding Strategy #2 – Consistent visual branding. Visual branding is very powerful. Consistency holds true here as well. In today’s online/offline hybrid your brand’s logo appears on multiple platforms. It pays to insure that when it appears it is both recognizable and consistent.

Branding Strategy #3 – Branding through relationships with your customers. Through building relationships with your visitors and customers, you will create deep connections that compel them to return to you for future business. Customer loyalty and word of mouth recommendations come from customers impressed with your product, service and the way they were treated by you and your team. That’s the bottom line. The long-term benefit of connecting with your customers definitely outweighs any short team business success.

A branding strategy mirrors a business strategy. It’s often more of a case of isolating elements of your business strategy, communicating the benefits and taking credit for what you do. No smoke. No mirrors. Just common sense.

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