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Turn-Key Business and Web Solutions

“Let Hep-Key bring that wide-eyed wonderment to your organization.”

HEP-KEY’s business model is simple. We do the legwork for your lemonade stand. We work tirelessly to bring all of the pieces together so you can experience success. Simply put, you get the benefit of years of experience with Fortune 500 companies, the know-how of today’s technology experts, and a cost efficient, streamlined model that delivers the best value and ROI.

Our approach works for all types of industries. We’ve delivered business-changing results for technology companies, consumer packaged goods businesses, financial firms, sporting goods companies, the healthcare sector and the food service industry.  We can work on a retainer basis or project basis.



At HEP-KEY, we believe that your business needs a web presence that will resonate soundly with your core customer base. Otherwise, what’s the point?

That’s why we offer a deeply experienced, broad base of web development services focused on creating a custom web design tailored to your unique needs.  Our powerful team of talented web designers, programmers and writers will build customized web design and development solutions quickly and easily for you.

From eCommerce and Content Management Systems (CMS) to socialmobile and web services and maintenance, HEP-KEY also offers a wide array of web development consulting tools to help you quickly and easily capture leads and generate sales through lead conversion.

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Product and category Development

When it comes to product and category development, the HEP-KEY team practices what it preaches; function, innovation, and value. We have the experience, processes, and production sources to create diversified product category execution. Our process starts from active listening and rapidly evolves from concepts to prototypes and then on to articles, with the utmost efficiency. We specialize in sourcing the right materials, licensed partners, and the manufacturer category leaders to meet all retail requirements and ongoing development needs.

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The HEP-KEY consulting team will help you identify real opportunities and objectively evaluate your operations to ensure that you can execute on the plan. HEP-KEY provides what few other companies can: insight across the broad panorama of your business and industry.  Unlike other engagements that leave more unanswered questions, we help you execute true end-to-end plans. An Approach Focused on the Bottom Line

Our goal is to help you execute for margin. We bring money to your bottom line and toss you the keys to success. We examine the competition, establish meaningful partnerships, and enhance your communications.

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Passion to Action – About Hep-Key


To find out how HEP-KEY web development consulting and design solutions can help you and your company thrive on the online space. Schedule a meeting or get a quote today.